Kama mwanaume unavutiwa na mrembo Vera Sidika habari hii ikufikie

Picha inayohusiana

Baada ya tetesi ya Mwanamitindo na Video Vixen kutoka Kenya , Vera Sidika kuwa anaujauzito hatimaye mwenyewe ameweka wazi juu ya tetesi hizo habari hizo ni za kweli na sio tetesi tena.

Vera Sidika

Mrembo huyo ambaye anavutia wanaume wengi kutokana na umbo lake, hajaweka wazi ni nani aliyempa ujauzito huo ila amesema ameipokea kwa furaha kwani ndoto yake ilikuwa ni kuzaa kabla ya kufikisha miaka 30.
Kupitia ukurasa wake wa Instagram, Vera Sidika amesema kuwa amejitahidi kuficha suala hilo kwa muda mrefu, lakini ameona ni vyema kuujulisha umma kwani mimba sio jambo lakuficha.

Yesterday, I got a call from a media house informing me that they received an anonymous tip, that I was pregnant and asking me to confirm or deny. I refused to comment and they told me that they’ll publish the story in the coming week. I knew they would publish the rumours with or without my confirmation and realized that I can’t hide for too long. I honestly thought I possibly could but it’s hell. Your movements are limited and very difficult especially being a public figure. My doctor makes house calls cause walking into a hospital without being recognized would have been impossible keeping up with social media has become a myth because my growing tummy will be a topic so I had to stay off Snapchat, post old photos on IG, To avoid suspicions. I always wanted to have a baby before I hit 30. I’m turning 29 this September and this was the perfect timing. I’m very grateful and the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But kept it lowkey cause I wanted a stress free journey. Away from paparazzi and nosey people. But we can’t control the media. Somehow they always get to find out and beat us on our own game. So just before you read it from the blogs, this is me confirming, I am pregnant and just can’t wait to have my bundle of joy. I feel so blessed

by richard@spoti.co.tz


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